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1. Go to the installation folder of acrobat reader, This should be

C:\program files\adobe\acrobat\reader\..   in most of the cases

2. Move all the files and folders from the “plugins” directory to the “Optional” directory. (make sure that  you cut and paste the files NOT copy & paste).

Also make sure that acrobat reader is not open else it will lock the files and not allow you to move the files).

Now your acrobat reader will load very fast and almost as good as notepad.


well even i am a big fan of google. I always preferred google over any other in net so i was very awaited for google chrome. when it release i installed it and now after about 1 week i am facing some problem with it. well i saw that chrome has different bugs with different computer. sometime it shut down while right click.
when i go for new tab then i see it takes some time to load the page even it already loaded. in don’t know this is with me or everyone.
well like firefox there is not much pluggins and toolbar.
i have to mention one thing google claim that if any tab does not respond then it can be close by task manager but sometime it shut down the whole browser.

well these are bugs which i face till today and hope google will notice these.

Google release its own new web browser Chrome.It is a open sourse browser and currently its window version is released. Linux and Mac version will also be out very soon. Till now Google prefered Mozila Firfox but now He introduced it own.Chrome has various featured and mos important it is suitable for multimedia webpages which contain flash games videos and all that. It is very fast too.

All in all it is very good browser more superiour then Internet explorer and it shuld not take much time to be favourite browser.

To check the features of Chrome    click here


Adobe has announced it will be revamping its Photoshop Express system, including a Photoshop Mobile application for Windows Mobile smartphones.

As part of the decision to integrate the experimental Express application into the Photoshop family, it will be re-branded as, and a mobile app will allow users to upload, browse and share photos with friends.

Users of will still be able to upload to web-based services like Flickr and Facebook, and will sync with new Photoshop extras as well as the mobile application.

Photoshop Mobile will essentially only allow users to upload and look at photos, so you won’t be able to take pictures of your mate dancing alone in a club and put a picture of a girl in there with him to send to his girlfriend (well, some of us are evil like that.)

This new application will be available in late September as a beta version for selected Samsung, Motorola and Palm phones, with more to follow as the nights draw in and the snow begins to fall.

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